Solving the Problem

make sure you're using the right tools

Women can be confusing. I’m the first to admit that. We’re also irresistible. That is by the Creator’s design. So when things aren’t going well, understanding the problem is key. Otherwise, you’ll try using a hammer where a screwdriver is needed. * * * * * * * Before & After If you notice some […]


to love & be loved

You were created to love & to be loved. Hardwired into your DNA. The Truth in The Beginning. Still The Truth. For every man. Damaged by the Fall. Redeemed by The Savior. God knows who you are. Just as he knew Adam. Inside & out. That’s why He fashioned Eve. To express His love for Adam in a tangible way. FYI, the enemy […]


You have a big reason to give thanks.

Because you are who God says you are. He put you in Christ and Christ in you. His joyful intention is to make you like Jesus by teaching you to live & to love as He did. Therefore we have been buried with Him through baptism into death, so that as Christ was raised from […]

Good News for Men

affirmation & encouragement

My goal is to CELEBRATE who you are & to ACKNOWLEDGE your incomparable contributions as husbands & fathers, coworkers & friends. The world doesn’t recognize how truly amazing you are. Nor are you affirmed & encouraged as much as you should be – even within the church. You go about life, protecting & providing for your loved ones, […]

No Plan B

your story is still being written

In the beginning, God set out to make man in His image. That’s His original & current plan for you, too. He hasn’t changed His mind & nothing can stop Him. There is no Plan B. But when you agree with the enemy of your soul, you live fearful & tight-fisted. You don’t have to go there. What Jesus […]