Men & Vulnerability

here's the problem

“If we teach men to hide their vulnerability as boys, then shame them for not showing their vulnerability as adults, what else is to be concluded from this, but that we first make men defensive and then criticize them for being defensive.” ― Dr. Debi Smith, The Psychology of Men & Marriage

2 Truths You Must Embrace to Live an Authentic Life

and remain steadfast in the face of challenges

I’ve always believed that knowing Jesus should make a real difference – not only in terms of where we spend the hereafter – but also in the here-&-now of our daily existence. So how do we connect the dots between what we believe & what happens to us in “real” life? Or do we? As […]

Marriage Miracles

with God all things are possible!

Have you experienced a miracle in your marriage? Whether it was directly about your relationship or another aspect (e.g., parenting, finance), your story is intended to encourage others to believe for a breakthrough … even in situations that seem impossible from a human standpoint. That is, something changed in circumstances that were/are … not even […]

How to Deal with a Difficult Person

something needed to change

Not long ago, I spent the better part of 18 months in a highly toxic environment. The woman in charge was fearful. Angry. Tight-fisted. Controlling. Micro-manager to the max. She was an emotional bully & my growing disdain for her was understandable. That is, until the Holy Spirit reminded me of Jesus’ words … “Love your enemies […]

Why It’s Not Too Late

the futility of giving up on your dreams

When my first husband left, I was 33 years old with 3 sons (ages 12, 8, and 5 years at the time) … and a high school diploma. We’d married the summer after his freshman year in college. Six weeks after he completed his bachelor’s degree, our first son was born. Six weeks after that, […]