Men & Vulnerability

here's the problem

“If we teach men to hide their vulnerability as boys, then shame them for not showing their vulnerability as adults, what else is to be concluded from this, but that we first make men defensive and then criticize them for being defensive.” ― Dr. Debi Smith, The Psychology of Men & Marriage

How, What, & Why of Men

how men think, what they feel, and why they tend to do what they do

The boys were outside playing on a sunny afternoon in May, when my husband announced, “I don’t think I want to be married anymore.” I was a hot mess. My whole world suddenly fell apart. Everything I’d counted on was disappearing right before my eyes. As the painful, scary hours turned into months, all my […]

Why Men Think & Feel What They Do

the psychology of men & marriage

Like most older students (I was 40 by the time I started college), I wanted the content of my studies to have practical application to everyday life. As a single mother raising three sons, choosing my topic was easy. Every paper I wrote was about boys and men. Writing my dissertation on Mothers & Sons […]

How to Receive God’s Promises

you don't have to beg

Looking over my journals for the last 20+ years, I can clearly see how much time I’ve spent whining & begging God to do something. My journals look a lot different nowadays as I’m learning to abide, to receive, and to give thanks for what God has done for me in Jesus, is now doing […]

3 Reasons Men Won’t Go to Couple’s Counseling

and what you can do about it

Do you wish you were in couple’s counseling, but your husband won’t go? You’re not alone. In fact, many women spend several years urging their husbands to get help, either as a couple or as an individual. They chalk it up to stubbornness, an unwillingness to admit he is wrong, or complaints that it takes […]

Why Self-Effort Makes Having a Happy Marriage More Difficult

Inside, Outside, Upside Down

Looking over my journals for the last 20+ years, I can clearly see how much time I’ve spent whining and begging God to do something for me that He’s already done. I’ve pleaded with Him to be with me, to take care of me, and to bless what I’m trying to do. In short, I’ve […]