Live Undaunted

You have a calling. His desire is that you would live The Kingdom Life. Undaunted. However, everything seems to be against you. You’re in a battle. A battle you seem to be losing. Everything is falling apart. Nothing is working. And you’ve run out of ideas. You need help. But you feel totally alone.

Row or Sail?

Are you rowing your marriage boat? Being a husband takes effort. Learning what to say & how to say it & when. Building (or restoring) a marriage based on psychology is like rowing. Possible. But full of self-effort. Exhausting.

Who’s leading?

In other words, who wears the pants? In a marriage relationship, leadership flows from Christ to husband, then from husband to wife. That thought inspires confidence, eh? However, you can’t lead if no one is willing to follow you.

Don’t Give Up the Ship!

Be strong & courageous for The Lord is with you wherever you go. JOSHUA 1:9 Don’t allow yourself to become weary or disheartened in doing good. GALATIANS 6:9 In other words, don’t give up the ship!

Off & Running

I’ve been through a lot & accomplished some good things. No, I’m not saying I have it all together or that I have it made. But I am on my way, reaching out for Jesus, who has so wondrously reached out for me. By no means am I an expert in everything. But I’ve got […]