Something Was Terribly Wrong

and no one would tell me what it was

No one had a perfect childhood. We all had experiences that hurt or scared us or made us believe we needed to be something we weren’t. Being from a divorced family was much more unique in the 1950s than it is now, and apparently something for a child to be ashamed of. I didn’t realize […]

Can You Change a Man?

Husband Improvement - Part 3

As noted in my last post, many of a woman’s strategies for husband improvement backfire. Instead making the change(s) she desires, he becomes more defensive. Withdrawn. Perhaps angry and aggressive. “So does anything work to change a man?” you ask. Yes, and it’s a simple thing, really. I’m so excited that I finally figured it […]

Husband Improvement – Part 2

making sure your efforts don't backfire

Most women have developed a whole series of actions they believe will be motivating & encouraging for their men (husbands & sons, in particular). But most of the time, their guys stay the same … or actually get worse. So what exactly is it that women do that makes their men worse? less responsive? more […]

How to Change a Man

Husband Improvement - Part 1

You’ve probably heard the saying that when a man marries a woman he’s hoping she’ll never change, whereas a woman marries a man hoping that he will. It’s often more than a hope for her. He may actually be her Main Project. But men are not projects. They are people. I don’t like to be […]

Living with Uncertainty

two kinds of men

It’s a fact. There are two kinds of men: those who are unsure of themselves, and those who hide the fact that they are unsure of themselves. Some are more successful at hiding than others, using one of two tactics: withdrawal, which gives the impression they just don’t care, or anger, giving the impression you […]