Big Changes

are fraught with Feelings … in Floods and Flurries

Every Big Change is fraught with Feelings … in Floods and Flurries. It’s just part of being human, you know. Experience has made us all overly cautious. And our emotions can quickly make us Default. Pulling back again into our shame and self-protection.

Isaiah 30:21

Our flesh collects “evidence” that keeps us focused on fear
… painful reminders of past rejection and failure.

And thereby we play into the enemy’s pernicious plan.
He is the only one who wants us totally consumed
by hurt, sadness, fear, anger, guilt, shame.
(John 10:10)

Rumble Strips on the Roadside

In the natural, rumble strips warn us that we’re veering off course.

So what if our unpleasant emotions are actually spiritual rumble strips?
Signals that the enemy is trying to pull us off the very course that God wants us to take?

  • The enemy’s intention is for us to DEFAULT to freak-out mode.
    • Doubt our identity and the Goodness of God.
    • Derail. Over-correct. Drive completely off the road.
  • The Lord’s intention is for us to RESET to who we are in Christ.
    • Run toward Him as Much-Loved Children.
    • Refocus on The Father’s Love. Be restored to A Higher Calling.
The choice is ours, Friend. And it takes practice. Lots of practice!
That’s mostly what I’ve been learning this past year. Tough. But so worth it!

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