In the Beginning, man was given dominion over the earth. And he was given a beautiful bride. A sweet companion to love & adore, to pursue & protect.

He was not given dominion over his bride.
His desire to dominate her was part of the curse, remember?

God’s original intent was for that first couple to become intimate allies in ruling the earth & destroying the works of the evil one.

Let 2019 be the year you recognize the power of your sovereignty.

  1. Learn to put the enemy in check.
  2. Love, adore, pursue, & protect your sweet companion.

“A woman has no problem submitting to a man she truly believes has her best interest at the forefront of everything he does.”

Excerpt From: “Ephesians 5 Romance: the Truth about Love

Dust & Diety

You have been created in the image of God & given Divine Purpose. The perfect combination of Dust & Diety, you are here to re-present your Creator & to bring His Goodness to the Earth, thereby destroying the works of evil. And that’s how you become a hero.

Then The Lord God formed a man from the dust of the ground & breathed His life into his nostrils. And the man became a living being. GENESIS 2:7