Row or Sail?

Are you rowing your marriage boat? Being a husband takes effort. Learning what to say & how to say it & when. Building (or restoring) a marriage based on psychology is like rowing. Possible. But full of self-effort. Exhausting.

Who’s leading?

In other words, who wears the pants? In a marriage relationship, leadership flows from Christ to husband, then from husband to wife. That thought inspires confidence, eh? However, you can’t lead if no one is willing to follow you.

Vulnerable or Powerful?

living in love on the battlefield

Christian Marriage can be the most vulnerable or the most powerful force in the clash between two kingdoms. First, you need to know what the fight is really about. In other words, an accurate assessment of the situation is essential for determining the best course toward the preferred outcome.


In the Beginning, man was given dominion over the earth. And he was given a beautiful bride. A sweet companion to love & adore, to pursue & protect. He was not given dominion over his bride. His desire to dominate her was part of the curse, remember? God’s original intent was for that first couple […]