Where would you like to be in 40 days?

a new devotional study on Life & Love ... for men and for women

The Truth is – whether you are male or female – you are creatively designed for Romance. And The Lord is deeply interested – not only in your Holiness, but also in the fullness of your Joy. Yes, even your Happiness! Enjoy this FREE preview of my soon-to-be-released devotional-study-for-couples book. And the opportunity to work through […]

Suddenly he knew!

first he considered the evidence

Joseph considered the evidence. Seriously. What man wouldn’t? His betrothed. His wife. Was pregnant. And he knew the baby wasn’t his. In those days, betrothal meant they were already husband and wife, although sex would wait until a year had passed. * The betrothal period was a time of great anticipation for the bride as […]