How to Stop the Lies

best of all

There’s a Love Story inside each of us. Our Heavenly Father put it there Himself.  However, the father of lies has been messing with our minds since … well, for a very long time.  He tells us that we’re not lovable and/or that other people don’t or won’t love us.  And he gets away with […]

Visibly Shaken

a few moments can change everything

Beginning where we left off last time … No wonder she escaped so often … sometimes to neighbors’.  Sometimes to her only friend’s house.  Mostly to her church.  She felt safe at church.  She knew it’s where she belonged. When she was younger and lived on the other side of town, she’d ridden the Sunday […]

The Beauty of Different

Men & Women are different. Always will be.

The following comment was recently posted in response to “embracing the dance” that I had shared on my social media pages: “I don’t agree with the premise that women want the men to lead.” I hear that a lot, actually. And I wouldn’t want anyone to spend time learning about something they are opposed to […]

My Moment of Truth

facing the challenge

It’s true that my father was absent from my life for 37 years. And that my first two marriages ended in divorce. For years I believed all of that was totally my fault. Later in life, I started studying men from a very different angle: first as an undergraduate psychology student, then as a grad […]