Why It’s Not Too Late

the futility of giving up on your dreams

When my first husband left, I was 33 years old with 3 sons (ages 12, 8, and 5 years at the time) … and a high school diploma. We’d married the summer after his freshman year in college. Six weeks after he completed his bachelor’s degree, our first son was born. Six weeks after that, […]

Something Was Terribly Wrong

and no one would tell me what it was

No one had a perfect childhood. We all had experiences that hurt or scared us or made us believe we needed to be something we weren’t. Being from a divorced family was much more unique in the 1950s than it is now, and apparently something for a child to be ashamed of. I didn’t realize […]

How to Stop the Lies

best of all

There’s a Love Story inside each of us. Our Heavenly Father put it there Himself.  However, the father of lies has been messing with our minds since … well, for a very long time.  He tells us that we’re not lovable and/or that other people don’t or won’t love us.  And he gets away with […]

How Not to Fit In

Once upon a time ...

Every woman has a story.  Do you know hers?  Is it happy or sad?  glorious or painful?  How does her vulnerability show up today?  How do you respond to her vulnerability? She was 14 and alone. The kitchen sink was full of sewage. No one knew, but her … and the Lord. Junior high had […]

My Moment of Truth

facing the challenge

It’s true that my father was absent from my life for 37 years. And that my first two marriages ended in divorce. For years I believed all of that was totally my fault. Later in life, I started studying men from a very different angle: first as an undergraduate psychology student, then as a grad […]