Day 8: Sweet Companion

God gives Adam a Someone of his own

We left off yesterday the with Truth that Adam needs his own Someone. So God does surgery … while Adam’s sleeping, of course. The Lord removes a rib to create his Someone – Someone just for him. Can you imagine Adam’s excitement when he wakes up? A totally cool setup – just for him. He […]

sweet companion

Day 7: In the Beginning

you know the story

God creates the Heavens and the Earth – from Nothing. You and I can’t imagine Nothing. For us, there has always been Something. Scientists claim they’ve figured out how to make Something out of Nothing. However, they need a lot of special equipment to get it done. For instance, He says, “Let there be light.” […]

God creates

Day 5: Why Me?

why do bad things happen?

You know My Story. I was raised apart from my father. Married at 18. Divorced by 35. A single mom with 3 sons, very little work experience, and a high school diploma. I don’t know if I ever asked, “Why me?” Honestly, that shipped sailed so long ago that I don’t remember. But I did […]

why me?

Day 4: If You Win the Lottery …

prepare for surprising change

I have never bought a lottery ticket. But I know folks who buy them every week. They’re hoping it will be their Big Break. No doubt you’ve heard stories about Lottery Winners. And most of them end up back where they began, no matter how much they won. Why is that? The short answer is […]

win the lottery