The Lord Said

Jesus said that His sheep know His voice and will not follow another. You hear voices every day. We all do. Sometimes the voice you hear is your own. Many times its the enemy of your soul who discourages you, demeans you, deceives you. However, The Lord is also talking to you. Always. Every day. Do you know how to recognize His voice? Continue reading “The Lord Said”

No Plan B

In the beginning, God set out to make man in His image.
That’s His original & current plan for you, too.

He hasn’t changed His mind & nothing can stop Him.
There is no Plan B.

  • But when you agree with the enemy of your soul,
    you live fearful & tight-fisted. You don’t have to go there.

What Jesus did & does will keep you on schedule with Plan A for your life.
Just choose agreement & cooperation with The One Who loves you!