No Plan B

In the beginning, God set out to make man in His image.
That’s His original & current plan for you, too.

He hasn’t changed His mind & nothing can stop Him.
There is no Plan B.

  • But when you agree with the enemy of your soul,
    you live fearful & tight-fisted. You don’t have to go there.

What Jesus did & does will keep you on schedule with Plan A for your life.
Just choose agreement & cooperation with The One Who loves you!

Just One Touch

You are here. I know it. Creator of all. With me. Paying attention to everything that concerns me. No matter how small my thoughts or off-track they seem.

You are always waiting for me. To notice Your Presence.
You are my Eternal Partner. Because You want to be.

  • There’s nothing wrong with me You cannot fix.
  • No situation You cannot turn around.
  • Everything belongs to You.

Your Primary Plan for me is to hang out with You.

  • Pure sweetness.
  • Quiet rest.
  • Smiles.

Yes, I sense Your smile whenever we’re together.
When I look at You & see the reflection of who I am in You.

  • You are altogether lovely.
  • You are altogether worthy,
  • Altogether wonderful to me.

I’m drawn back to You, Lord. For just one touch from You today.

I will give thanks to you forever & ever!
Hallelujah & Amen!
You are so intimately aware of me, Lord!
    You read my heart like an open book.
Every single moment You are thinking of me!
    How precious & wonderful to consider
    that You cherish me constantly in Your every thought! PSALM 139
Sing to Him! Sing praise to Him!
    Tell of all His wonderful acts! 1 CHRONICLES 16:9

Circumstances & Solutions

Your circumstances – everything you face & will ever face – are there to draw you back to The Lord. He put specific desires in your heart. And He is The Only One Who can fulfill them.

  • He wants more for your life than mere survival.
  • He also knows that if you take charge, you’ll make a big mess.

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The Rule Breaker

Jesus was not one to follow the rules of the day, Friend. Do you remember this interaction with His disciples?

The disciples had forgotten to bring bread, except for one loaf they had with them in the boat. “Be careful,” Jesus warned them. “Watch out for the yeast of the Pharisees and that of Herod.”

They discussed this with one another and said,
“It is because we have no bread.”

Aware of their discussion, Jesus asked them: “Why are you talking about having no bread? Do you still not see or understand? Are your hearts hardened?

  • Do you have eyes but fail to see,
  • and ears but fail to hear?
  • And don’t you remember?

When I broke the five loaves for the five thousand, how many basketfuls of pieces did you pick up?”

“Twelve,” they replied.

“And when I broke the seven loaves for the four thousand, how many basketfuls of pieces did you pick up?”

They answered, “Seven.”

He said to them, “Do you still not understand?”

MARK 8:14-21


  1. What do you suppose Jesus meant when He said,
    “Watch out for the yeast of the Pharisees and that of Herod”?
  2. And what’s the relevance of His questions about feeding the multitudes?