Fight Back!

Be sure to listen all the way through to the end.
You’ll be glad you did!

In “Fight Back” Bishop Jakes describes the male experience, offering understanding & encouragement
like no other pastor I’ve ever heard speak on the topic.

Even Strong Men Struggle

If you could use more encouragement & practical strategies for the journey, you will want to check out this book by T. D. Jakes.

Strength for Men * Solutions for Women

Also available in audio … for those of you who don’t like to read or prefer to listen during your daily commute or exercise routine.

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No More Striving

A PRAYER: I’m done with striving, Lord. No more of that. I throw myself at Your feet. Shower me here with Your Goodness. I need You.

I believe You are Good & will never put me to shame because I need more.

  • I don’t want what You have for someone else.
  • Only what you have set aside for me so I can live a full life with You.

Fulfill Your purpose in me, Lord. Now & every moment forevermore.