How to Live Undaunted & Filled with Wisdom

You have a dream for your life. God actually gave it to you Himself. His desire is that you would live undaunted. That is, He does not want you to be intimidated or discouraged by difficulty, danger, or disappointment. However, life often feels like everything is going against you. You’re in a battle. A battle […]

No More Striving

A PRAYER: I’m done with striving, Lord. No more of that. I throw myself at Your feet. Shower me here with Your Goodness. I need You. I believe You are Good & will never put me to shame because I need more. I don’t want what You have for someone else. Only what you have […]

Just One Touch

a prayer about God’s presence

You are here. I know it. Creator of all. With me. Paying attention to everything that concerns me. No matter how small my thoughts or off-track they seem. You are always waiting for me. To notice Your Presence. You are my Eternal Partner. Because You want to be. There’s nothing wrong with me You cannot fix. […]

Circumstances & Solutions

Doing things God’s way

Your circumstances – everything you face & will ever face – are there to draw you back to The Lord. He put specific desires in your heart. And He is The Only One Who can fulfill them. He wants more for your life than mere survival. He also knows that if you take charge, you’ll make a […]

A Higher Calling

living the life God has planned for you

What if the answer to your current struggles is completely off your map? What if there is more to be gained from your circumstances than you can see? How would you live differently if you knew The Lord has greater plans for your life? Most of us experience depression and anxiety everyday. Perhaps not to […]

a Higher Calling