One Flesh

two shall become one

Making Love is the deepest, most intimate Communication between a husband and wife. It reunites them in a way that happens with no other. Becoming One Flesh is Beautiful. Woman is perhaps God’s greatest invention. He created her specifically to meet the relational, emotional, and physical needs of His first invention: Man. He designed her […]


5 Reasons to Be Careful What You Say

use your words to bless one another

Honest communication – especially between husband and wife – is essential for creating connection and lasting joy. But should you be able to say whatever you want to your mate? I’ve always tried to be careful what I say to My Beloved. But many folks – mostly women, it seems; but some men, too – […]


Don’t Fight Your Lead!

more lessons from the Dance Floor

You know I love to dance, right? Well, our wonderful friends on the Memories Swing Team offered to teach me the Lindy Hop. And I finally took them up on it one Monday. What a blast! Because I’ve already learned to dance many different styles, I jumped into the Intermediate Class. I learned the count […]

memories swing team psychology of men

Lessons from the Dance Floor

who takes the lead?

Whether you’re young or old, you need to learn about mutual submission in Christian marriage: It’s the Beauty of the Dance of Romance! It’s the guy’s role to make the dance an enjoyable experience for his girl. So he needs to pay close attention to what she likes and what she isn’t comfortable with. But […]


Helping Your Man Take Leadership

two quick thoughts for the ladies ...

First, he needs to know that you are following him. Even if he’s not a very seasoned leader. Because a man can never become a really great leader if no one is willing to follow him. In a word, he needs you to submit to his leadership. Submission really means that you trust and respect […]

male leadership