Where would you like to be in 40 days?

a new devotional study on Life & Love ... for men and for women

The Truth is – whether you are male or female – you are creatively designed for Romance. And The Lord is deeply interested – not only in your Holiness, but also in the fullness of your Joy. Yes, even your Happiness! Enjoy this FREE preview of my soon-to-be-released devotional-study-for-couples book. And the opportunity to work through […]

Joseph & The Karate Kid

methods of the training process

Yesterday I shared part of my own story with you. And many of you responded. I truly appreciate your kind words and encouragement. Although I meant to encourage you! Because you have a story, too. And you are really important in the Kingdom. So never give up on becoming what The Lord created you to […]

Double-Minded or Undaunted: Your Choice

embracing God's vision for your life

Yesterday, The Lord whispered a Truth in my ear. As only the Holy Spirit can do. No blame. No shame. Just something to work on. Disappointment. Hurt. Fear. I become double-minded. But His desire is that I – that you also – live The Kingdom Life. Undaunted. Like you, I have a calling. But everything […]