How, What, & Why of Men

how men think, what they feel, and why they tend to do what they do

The boys were outside playing on a sunny afternoon in May, when my husband announced, “I don’t think I want to be married anymore.” I was a hot mess. My whole world suddenly fell apart. Everything I’d counted on was disappearing right before my eyes. As the painful, scary hours turned into months, all my […]

2 Truths You Must Embrace to Live an Authentic Life

and remain steadfast in the face of challenges

I’ve always believed that knowing Jesus should make a real difference – not only in terms of where we spend the hereafter – but also in the here-&-now of our daily existence. So how do we connect the dots between what we believe & what happens to us in “real” life? Or do we? As […]

Marriage Miracles

with God all things are possible!

Have you experienced a miracle in your marriage? Whether it was directly about your relationship or another aspect (e.g., parenting, finance), your story is intended to encourage others to believe for a breakthrough … even in situations that seem impossible from a human standpoint. That is, something changed in circumstances that were/are … not even […]

How to Deal with a Difficult Person

something needed to change

Not long ago, I spent the better part of 18 months in a highly toxic environment. The woman in charge was fearful. Angry. Tight-fisted. Controlling. Micro-manager to the max. She was an emotional bully & my growing disdain for her was understandable. That is, until the Holy Spirit reminded me of Jesus’ words … “Love your enemies […]

How to Change a Man

Husband Improvement - Part 1

You’ve probably heard the saying that when a man marries a woman he’s hoping she’ll never change, whereas a woman marries a man hoping that he will. It’s often more than a hope for her. He may actually be her Main Project. But men are not projects. They are people. I don’t like to be […]