A Quick Turnaround

the beauty of repentance

How quickly and easily You can turn me around, Papa. I woke up this morning wondering how I could make it through today. Then I thanked You for the Beautiful Dream You gave to me. And the Amazing Possibilities You have shown me for my life. I mean AMAZING! And my mood lifted instantly. You, […]

God's Goodness leads to repentance

What do women want?

what a good question!

Psychologists haven’t been able to explain women to men. Remember Dr. Sigmund Freud? Well, Freud was actually an M.D. That would mean that he was a psychiatrist. Not a psychologist. Anyway. Despite all Freud’s work with women in exploring the possibilities of “a talking cure,” rumor has it that he died still wondering what women […]

what do women want

Meanwhile, back in the Garden …

Eve meets the Snake

Picking up where we left off … Back in the Garden, the enemy is plotting to spoil God’s Creation. The Lord, of course, knows he’s there because even the enemy is a created being. An angel so impressed with himself – his own beauty, intelligence, power, and position – that he wanted all the glory […]

Eve deceived