No Plan B

your story is still being written

In the beginning, God set out to make man in His image. That’s His original & current plan for you, too. He hasn’t changed His mind & nothing can stop Him. There is no Plan B. But when you agree with the enemy of your soul, you live fearful & tight-fisted. You don’t have to go there. What Jesus […]

Something for Someone

You know the story, right?

In The Beginning, God creates the Heavens and the Earth – from Nothing. You and I can’t imagine Nothing. For us, there has always been Something. Scientists claim they’ve figured out how to make Something out of Nothing. However, they need a lot of special equipment to get it done. God doesn’t need any special […]

God creates

The Tenderness of God’s Grace

I want to be just like Him

The Glory of God is that He is Good. In everything that happens. Every day. All the time. He is My Joy. His arms are waiting to comfort me tenderly when life hurts. His whispers keep reassuring me when all seems lost. His tender heart is always listening to mine. He is My Safe Place. […]

Make Us Like You, Lord

create in us a pure heart

Every day You open us up to Who You are. You hold our attention by Your Spirit. Make us wholehearted today. In every sense that the phrase could be interpreted. You have such Wonderful Plans for us. And we willingly cooperate with You in the process. On Earth as it is in Heaven. In our […]

Psalm 51:10 a pure heart

Double-Minded or Undaunted: Your Choice

embracing God's vision for your life

Yesterday, The Lord whispered a Truth in my ear. As only the Holy Spirit can do. No blame. No shame. Just something to work on. Disappointment. Hurt. Fear. I become double-minded. But His desire is that I – that you also – live The Kingdom Life. Undaunted. Like you, I have a calling. But everything […]