The Ballroom

why it's first on our list

couples_retreat_center_the_ballroomIt’s been more than a decade since I first dreamt of including dance in my work with couples.

dance_all_nightThen by divine appointment one Sunny Sunday, I met the One-and-Only-Totally-Amazing Fred. (You may have noticed his photograph on each and every page of our websites and in all of our newsletters.)

He is the dearest and sweetest man I know and an Absolute Blessing to all who meet him!  So together we launched the first of many Couples Workshops in the OC … and beyond!

Now it’s time we have a Ballroom to call our own. Read about all we have planned for this very fun aspect of our new Couples Retreat Center.

Why is The Ballroom is first on our list?


Mary, Essex, Fafa, Eddie, Dr. Debi, Fred, Lee, & Jimmy

Because we believe it’s incredibly important for couples to keep the fun in their friendship. And there’s no better way to do that than to dance together!

And because … a couple dance – such as a waltz – is the perfect example of what makes a romantic relationship work. The man takes the lead, and the woman follows. He guides and protects her. She influences him, even as she admires him … and makes him look good to anyone who is watching. Perfect. Absolutely perfect.

What’s so great about Victorian-style dance?

The Victorian Era was the last of the great Romantic times in history. Yes, it’s true that women didn’t have many freedoms … politically, socially, or physically (ever worn a Victorian corset?). And they had terrible dentistry practices!

But ladies were treated like ladies … by men who were gentlemen.
And that’s the first part we love.

Second, Victorian dance is elegant and easy-to-learn.
Anyone who can move can dance and laugh with us!

Third, men get to take the lead (without advice or criticism).
And women enjoy being treated like ladies. Can’t beat that in any era!

Finally, our easy-going style readily puts both men and women at ease … whatever their level of dancing skill. During the interval, guests participate in fun and surprising Victorian parlour games. Cool. Very cool.

The First Dance at our Victorian Valentine’s Ball @ Newsong Church

The Dance Team demonstrates Victorian-style dance @ Mariners Church

Calendar of Ballroom Events

Swing Dance

Swing Dance

12th Night of Christmas Dance
* the first Saturday in January (singles and couples)
Valentine’s Cotillion
* Valentine’s Weekend (couples)
St. Patrick’s Day Celebration
* March Weekend (singles and couples)
The Harvest Moon Ball
* October (couples)
Community Dances
* Quarterly (singles and couples)

Costumes Optional

Costumes Optional

Weekly Dance Lessons in the Ballroom
Victorian-style set dances
Victorian couples dances
(waltz, polka, schotsche, mizourka)
Swing Dance (lindy hop)
Salsa Dance
Zumba and Line Dances

Dress is casual fancy.
Comfortable non-skid shoes
will be required!