Welcome Center

Bookstore and Gift Shop

couples_retreat_center_welcome_centerIt all begins at the Welcome Center!
And we’ve already hired our Director of Guest Relations. Her identity is a well-kept secret at this point, but we know you’ll love her! She’s helpful and kind … and filled with the Spirit!


She’ll be on the phone … and on site to welcome Hopeful Romantics to all Our Dances, Workshops, and Retreats … and to check you into your Honeymoon Suite. Of course, she’ll cheerfully answer any questions you may have at any point during your visit.

p.s. We expect it won’t be very long before she’ll need to hire a full staff to run Our Unique Bookstore & Gift Shop.


Note: Her Handsome Husband is our Director of Facilities. What can we say? We just couldn’t bear to break up a Perfect Set!