How to Change a Man

Husband Improvement - Part 1

How to change a manYou’ve probably heard the saying that when a man marries a woman he’s hoping she’ll never change, whereas a woman marries a man hoping that he will. It’s actually more than a hope for her. He may actually be her Main Project.

But men are not projects.
They are people.

I don’t like to be the bearer of bad tidings, ladies, but God only created one perfect man so far … and it’s taken Him nearly 60 years to refine him.  (Okay. Forgive me for bragging about the Love of My Life.)

On the Bright Side, however, if the Lord is doing such a great job on My Guy, I believe He can do the same with your guy!  Your man can be so much more, and you can actually help him become Your Fearless Leader in the Dance of Romance!

Simply put, it’s a woman’s job to love her man and pray for him.  It’s God’s job to make him grow … and according to His plan, not hers.

Your man wants to be your Leader in the Dance of Romance … to protect you, guide you, and hold you … to choreograph Your Dance to maximize your pleasure in being with him.

But much of the time we’re shooting ourselves in the foot by doing all the things that don’t work to change him … instead of doing things that do work to change him … things that he actually wants you to do to shape his behavior!  Go figure.

Look for more info about how to change your man next time.

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