Change Your Prayers

change your life

Christians pray. Not as often as they could. Probably because they haven’t received the answers they want. Nonetheless, God does answer prayers. He’s just picky about which ones. Sometimes our prayers are just our whining and complaining. About how everyone else is making our life miserable. Our words are too often filled with negativity and […]

Happy Couples Disagree

learn what keeps them "happy" in the process

What’s important is how they go about it. Among couples with lasting marriages… About 80% of complaints came from wives. However, they raised issues gently and brought them up sooner rather than later. In addition, husbands were willing to be influenced by their wives and to change their behavior. Neither spouse became upset enough with […]

Happy Couples

most of the time ...

In every relationship, partners continually make “bids” for one another’s attention, closeness, and reassurance through comments, questions, and gestures. In successful marriages, spouses respond positively to these bids *86% of the time. That means you could totally miss 14% of the opportunities presented and still be pretty happy! How cool is that? Through their words […]

The Knight in Shining Armor

and his vulnerability

Don’t you just love Medieval Stories? Stories about the Knight in Shining Armor who comes to the aid of the Damsel in Distress. We forget he’s wearing a lot of heavy gear to protect himself. Sometimes, once he’s broken through the castle walls, rescued his Fair Maiden, and settled down to a life without Fire-Breathing […]