Power to Choose

Who is influencing your choices today?

There is a voice telling you:

  • You’re not good enough.
  • Don’t take the risk.
  • It’s too late.

At the same time, another Voice is saying:

  • You are sufficient through My sufficiency.
  • You can do all things that I have called you to do.
  • I will strengthen & empower you to fulfill My purpose.
  • You are ready for anything & equal to anything through Me.
  • I am the One who infuses you with inner strength & confident peace.

So today I call the heavens & the earth as witnesses that you must make a choice between life & prosperity or death & destruction.

You have the power to choose life!


You were created to love & to be loved. Hardwired into your DNA.
The Truth in The Beginning. Still The Truth. For every man.
Damaged by the Fall. Redeemed by The Savior.

God knows who you are. Just as he knew Adam. Inside & out.
That’s why He fashioned Eve. To express His love for Adam in a tangible way.

FYI, the enemy of your soul hates that about you.
So he is determined to steal, kill, and destroy.

Because he knows when you connect with God’s love,
you are destined to become far too powerful for him to control.