A Blueprint for Marriage

A man & woman dancing together in three-quarter time is the best metaphor for – and experience of – Romance! He takes the lead. She follows. He guides & protects her. She inspires & influences him, even as she admires him … and makes him look good to anyone who’s watching.

Your wife actually wants you to take the lead.

You might not know that from how things are going, however. The problem is that most men are unsure of themselves. The rest are just good at pretending they are not unsure of themselves. In both cases, men often hesitate to take the lead due to two fears:

  1. The fear that they lack the qualities of a successful leader
  2. The fear that they are doomed to failure in the process

While waiting for her husband to step up, a woman secretly begins to panic. That is when she takes over. But she does not do it well. Although she believes her husband should take the lead in the family – especially with their children – she reasons that a female Leader is better than no Leader.

But that only makes things worse.

Because once a woman has taken on the leadership role
– whether that happens before or after the wedding –
it will be very difficult for her husband to step up to the plate.

A man is born with an innate desire to protect, to guide, to hold the one he loves.

  •  It is a learning process, to be sure.
  • And no man comes into this life with the skills he needs to lead.
  • So he will need tons and tons of affirmation all along the way.

As a husband, he will be held responsible before God for his family. God knew it was Eve who took the first bite of the forbidden fruit, but it was Adam He came looking for.

You can believe me when I say I know that women can be difficult to love sometimes. I am one of them, remember?

Who wears the pants?

Most men and women believe the man is the leader in the family. But in reality, women have been running the show for a long time. Yes, a woman knows she can make it through life without a man.

But can she really live the life she desires?

Yes, she would survive. But in taking charge, she will miss the beauty of what God intends marriage to be. She not only makes it impossible for her man to lead, but she also denies what her heart and his are both longing for.

How to Embrace the Dance of Romance

First, you must acknowledge that men and women are different. Always have been. Always will be. God created people in His image, both male and female.

Then learn as much as you can about how the opposite sex operates. Your biology is different, and so are your life experiences. That means you have different world views. And your different points of view are intended to make you both stronger.

In the process, you will become more aware of who you are and the purpose you have in this wonderful and challenging life.

Where can you begin?

Learning to embrace the Dance of Romance can be lots of fun and you already have the steps programmed into your DNA. However, the challenges you’ve faced changed the music … and your dance. But you have the power to change it back!

This Quick Start Guide will help you get started. And it’s totally free.

After reading this 20-page Guide, you will know:

  • What a woman needs from her husband that she never says outloud
  • How a man learns to lead
  • How a woman learns to follow

Written for men. Written for women.

Whether it’s read together or separately, this free Quick Start Guide will help you get beautifully back on track.

Psychology of Men & Marriage

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