Personal Coaching with Dr. Debi

Coaching isn’t for everybody.

  • Psychotherapy is about healing (past-present focus). Couple’s therapy often open-ended. Couples usually have the option to continue as long as they find therapy helpful.
  • Coaching is about learning, applying new paradigms, and growing (present-future focus). Dr. Debi’s coaching programs are time-limited. You will complete the program in 90-days. Then, depending on your own self-assessment, you may have the option to purchase an additional 90-day program.
  • A Marriage Intensive is a 3-day Private Couple’s Retreat, and can be scheduled before, after, or instead of a 90-day program.

Coaching is not psychotherapy!

Dr. Debi officially closed her Clinical Practice in August 2021. Therefore, if either you or your spouse have a clinical diagnosis, you will need to work with a mental health professional who is licensed in your state.

To benefit from a 90-Day Coaching Program, you must …

  • be open to new, more satisfying experiences
  • be able to refrain from blaming your partner for everything
  • desire a deeper understanding of your mate’s experience, as well as your own
  • be willing to examine your own contributions (both good and bad) to the relationship
  • be willing to experiment with new ways of responding, then evaluating their effectiveness

Then what you do with what you learn will be up to you.

Thank you for your interest in working with me!

All 2022 Fourth Quarter 90-Day Coaching Programs have been filled.

I will begin accepting applications for 2023 First Quarter on October 15.

Qualified applicants are accepted first-come-first-served and according to schedule availability. So enter your info below to make sure you get the application as soon as possible. Review details and costs of Basic and Premium Coaching Programs here.