It’s All About the Girl, Really

I’ve been where you are & I’m here to help you overcome discouragement, restore relationship, and live your life on purpose.

For the record, I love men.
I started studying them
when I was 4 years old.

Now I have three grown sons
and three not-yet-grown grandsons.

And one particular man
whom I absolutely adore.
He has the power to melt my heart.
That’s the best part for me.

Because I am a Hopeful Romantic
who believes anything is possible.

But for the first half of my life,
I was thoroughly confused by men.

My father was absent from my life for 37 years, and my first two marriages (Yikes! Did I just say that out loud?) ended in divorce.

For years I believed
all of that was my fault.

Then I started studying men
from a very different angle: as a Psychologist and Couples Counselor.

And I was amazed by what I learned:
It’s all about the girl really.

A woman is created to be his inspiration. That’s what God had in mind.
Even in the Garden of Eden.

And she has the power to influence him in ways she does’t realize.

No, she’s not responsible for all that he does.
Those are his choices to make.

However, she does have the responsibility to learn how what she says & does influence his choices. In fact, she was created for this. And so was he.

… neither was man created for woman,
but woman for man.

1 Corinthians 11:9