Want to enjoy a more satisfying marriage?

Maybe you’ve been going round in the same circles since you can’t remember when. And the tension is building. But you’re not ready to get into professional counseling.

  • Sometimes you’re not ready.
  • Sometimes your mate’s not ready.

Plus, professional counseling can be an expensive endeavor. That’s why I’ve put together these free resources … to help you get started on the Road to a Joy-Filled Marriage … no matter where you are in the process.

Tremendous power is released through the passionate, heartfelt prayer of one godly man or woman. JAMES 5:16

Feel free to take advantage of as many as you like.
And let me know if you have questions.
I’m here to help.

Are you experiencing the Silent Treatment?

As a psychologist, I’ve had a lot of opportunity to observe how hard couples work at their relationships. And I’ve observed a very frequent pattern. When something’s wrong, it’s often the woman (not always, of course) who notices and wants to talk–to figure out what’s wrong so they can fix the problem. So why does her mate shut her out? What can she do about it?

Find out in this free guide.

Psychology of Men & Marriage

WARNING: This info isn’t for everybody. Only for those who want to be Living in Love the old-fashioned way: according to Scripture. If you don’t want to learn exactly how to submit to the Lord and to one another (with love, understanding, trust, and respect), then read no further. This info is not for you!

But if it’s been your lifelong dream, you’ll want to get instant access to this info.