One Flesh

two shall become one

Making Love is the deepest, most intimate Communication between a husband and wife. It reunites them in a way that happens with no other. Becoming One Flesh is Beautiful. Woman is perhaps God’s greatest invention. He created her specifically to meet the relational, emotional, and physical needs of His first invention: Man. He designed her […]


The Grace of Life

a woman's prayer

Thank You, Jesus, for what You have done and for what You are doing through The Holy Spirit in us. I believe everything You’ve said to me. Help my unbelief. One issue I’ve always been unclear on is how much is my responsibility and how much is Yours. You get the Lion’s share. You determine […]

He loves me!

and He loves you, too!

Yesterday I ran a few errands on my way to work. I stopped off for a fill-up. And slipped my credit card into my pocket. Then I went to the market to pick up a few things. Ahead of schedule. Let’s see … What needs to go in the fridge? I switched things around in […]

Take Every Thought Captive

to make it obedient to Christ

As I set out for my walk early this morning, this verse kept reverberating in my mind. I queued up my iPhone to one of my favorite Bible teachers. I hadn’t listened to him for awhile, but today this recording was also on my mind. And in the first 5 minutes … The weapons we […]

take every thought captive

5 Reasons to Be Careful What You Say

use your words to bless one another

Honest communication – especially between husband and wife – is essential for creating connection and lasting joy. But should you be able to say whatever you want to your mate? I’ve always tried to be careful what I say to My Beloved. But many folks – mostly women, it seems; but some men, too – […]