Getting Your Needs Met

Effective Dependence precedes Interdependence

Sometimes I’m amazed at the silliness of psychology. For years therapists have been telling people need to be complete in themselves (i.e., independent) before they can find a meaningful, satisfying relationship. It reminds me of what my son said to me when he was a teenager looking for his first part-time job: Mom, they all […]

feeding 5000

A Day of Grace & Peace

a day to be with You

Thank You for this day filled with Your Presence, Lord. A day of Grace and Peace. A day to be with You. To dream with You. To be blessed by You. You are so much larger than anything I have feared. And You own it all. There’s not a single person, place, or thing that […]

Are you stretching the truth?

or are you letting The Truth stretch you?

If you listen to lies, then you’re more likely to tell them. In short, lies make you stretch the truth. About who you are. About what you’re doing. Lies are what got Adam and Eve in Big Trouble. And we’re no different today. Knowing The Truth – about Who Jesus is and who you are […]

Holding On

when life gets tough

We all hold onto something. Especially during times of stress. Linus held onto his blanket. Cinderella held onto her dream. Snow White held onto hope. Those things are all positive. Even helpful. Perhaps. But we can also hold onto negative things. Hurt. Fear. Defensiveness. The need to be right. Pride. Self-righteousness. Anger. Bitterness. Resentment. We […]