Secret Places

only The Lord knows

You have Secret Places in your heart. That no one knows. Not even you. But The Lord was, is, and always will be aware of where and what they are. Because He was, is, and always will be with you. He knows your Deepest Disappointments. Your Happiest Hopes. He also knows the Desires of your […]

Not Just Any Dream

Have you seen Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat?

My favorite song in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical is Any Dream Will Do. It’s a very catchy and memorable tune. But is he right about that? Will just any dream do? Joseph believed His Dream because he believed God. And because it was a really big, really Impossible Dream. His brothers hated him and sold […]

Something for Someone

You know the story, right?

In The Beginning, God creates the Heavens and the Earth – from Nothing. You and I can’t imagine Nothing. For us, there has always been Something. Scientists claim they’ve figured out how to make Something out of Nothing. However, they need a lot of special equipment to get it done. God doesn’t need any special […]

God creates

Uncommon Love

get ready for more Joy & Peace

When I was a professor at Azusa Pacific University, I was asked to assist a student with her research. She wanted to expose Hollywood’s unrealistic, high expectations for romance. I disagreed with her premise. She held to her bias and moved on. Romantic comedies illustrate Our Dream of Loving and Being Loved. But most importantly, […]

A Higher Calling

living the life God has planned for you

What if the answer to your current struggles is completely off your map? What if there is more to be gained from your circumstances than you can see? How would you live differently if you knew The Lord has greater plans for your life? Most of us experience depression and anxiety everyday. Perhaps not to […]

a Higher Calling