We Don’t Get Patience in a Weekend

slowing down makes you learn new stuff ... whether you want to or not

Lord, when You are teaching us patience, things necessarily take longer than we want. You are Sovereign, and we surrender happily to Your will. You so graciously give us Vision – Words of Promise to give us a Hope and a Future. We know Our Story doesn’t end here. So we give You thanks. Here. […]


Make Us Like You, Lord

create in us a pure heart

Every day You open us up to Who You are. You hold our attention by Your Spirit. Make us wholehearted today. In every sense that the phrase could be interpreted. You have such Wonderful Plans for us. And we willingly cooperate with You in the process. On Earth as it is in Heaven. In our […]

Psalm 51:10 a pure heart

The Life God Has Planned for You

recognizing the Truth of who you are in Christ

Christians can miss out on the life God has planned for us in a number of ways. Each is a lie. Here are a few of them. And the Truth from Scripture. If any of these sound familiar, ask The Lord for a deeper understanding of who you really are. Then when the enemy attacks, […]

Truth Will Set You Free

Plenty for Everyone + Leftovers

a boy's lunch at the mercy of God's math

The “Feeding of the 5000” was one of my favorite Bible Stories from Sunday School. How cool that Jesus can still multiply what we have to be more than enough to share + leftovers! As you may recall, yesterday’s post ended with the “Ephesians 3:20-21” passage about The Lord’s ability to bless us beyond what […]

feeding 5000

Our Father’s Math Doesn’t Add Up

God supplies our needs in surprising ways

Back in my college days, money was tight. Always. Single mom. Three sons. Three part-time jobs. And a full-time schedule of classes. What was I thinking? Would God supply all our needs? What was my part? I believed my role was to come up with a strategy. Then ask God to bless my effort with […]

God supplies our needs in surprising ways