What do women want?

what a good question!

Psychologists haven’t been able to explain women to men. Remember Dr. Sigmund Freud? Well, Freud was actually an M.D. That would mean that he was a psychiatrist. Not a psychologist. Anyway. Despite all Freud’s work with women in exploring the possibilities of “a talking cure,” rumor has it that he died still wondering what women […]

what do women want

Sometimes It’s the Girl

who's got it wrong

Women make a lot of assumptions – filling in the blanks with thoughts that paint a negative picture. We usually do it because we’re actually afraid from the beginning … afraid that something will go wrong. So we’re almost relieved when it does. Then we can blame the guy. And that’s so very wrong! Romance […]

sometimes it's the girl

Meanwhile, back in the Garden …

Eve meets the Snake

Picking up where we left off … Back in the Garden, the enemy is plotting to spoil God’s Creation. The Lord, of course, knows he’s there because even the enemy is a created being. An angel so impressed with himself – his own beauty, intelligence, power, and position – that he wanted all the glory […]

Eve deceived

One Flesh

two shall become one

Making Love is the deepest, most intimate Communication between a husband and wife. It reunites them in a way that happens with no other. Becoming One Flesh is Beautiful. Woman is perhaps God’s greatest invention. He created her specifically to meet the relational, emotional, and physical needs of His first invention: Man. He designed her […]


The Grace of Life

a woman's prayer

Thank You, Jesus, for what You have done and for what You are doing through The Holy Spirit in us. I believe everything You’ve said to me. Help my unbelief. One issue I’ve always been unclear on is how much is my responsibility and how much is Yours. You get the Lion’s share. You determine […]