Hello! I’m Dr. Debi

Lover of Jesus & People Everywhere
Psychologist | Author | Educator
Everyday Spiritual Mom

My Specialty:
The Psychology of Men & Marriage

And I believe that being a Christian
should make a significant difference.

Not only in the EverAfter.
But also in the HereAndNow.

We are called to live an Abundant Life,
to make a real difference in the world,
and to discover Heaven on Earth!

That is, we can Discover Heaven on Earth by

  • understanding & accepting yourself as you grow
  • engaging with Father, Son, & Holy Spirit
  • building a life of love & purpose
Mentoring & Coaching

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A Grateful Heart

"I thank God for leading us to you and your sincere, knowledgeable and anointed spirit and teaching! From you, we’ve each learned a lot about each other, about communication, and in better understanding each others’ emotions.

"More importantly, I believe your teaching (and your “person”) has been instrumental in each of us strengthening our relationships with God (most importantly, my Husband’s). We cannot be thankful enough for you saving our marriage (would seem almost impossible to most), and also to restoring it to much better than before the separation!

"We love you." ~ Mr. & Mrs. M

Got Questions?

Life gets bumpy. Because the enemy of our souls does not want us to live like we belong to Heaven. And I'm here to help! So if you have questions, let me know.