Making Sense of Men & Marriage

As a Psychologist, I know how important it is for us all to understand men.

Because the misunderstandings break my heart.
Seeing men & women who desperately want connection,
but don’t know how to make it happen … we need to change that!

If women only knew the truth about what breaks a man & what brings healing to his soul … we could change the world!

The Truth is simple, but not always easy.

Knowing the answers requires learning the Truth … & unlearning the lies.

  1. First & foremost, a woman must learn to be confident in her value to her Creator. To embrace her vulnerabilities, as well as those characteristics that make her beauty completely unique in all the Universe.
  2. A woman must also learn what men are most sensitive to – the things that break their souls & why those things are so important to him.
  3. Finally, she needs to be fully aware of what it is about her that inspires, influences, & invites him into a more satisfying experience of life & love … without losing herself in the process.

The Key to Understanding Men

Men are different than women.

  • Men & women are created with very different biology.
  • And they are treated very differently from the beginning of their existence … from the time their parents find out if “it’s a boy or a girl.”

The impact of these two factors (nature + nurture) can best be understood in light of Attachment Theory.

And that’s what no one is talking about!

If you’re eager to learn, you can skip ahead here to find out what happened to make a man’s outlook on life & love so different from a woman’s.

Instead, far too many women obsess over men.

They believe they have the power to fix a broken man & set about to do just that.

In the process, they lose themselves … and drive the man away.

In short, a woman often resorts to manipulation … to get him to be the man she wishes he were … for her.

If you want to learn how to fix a broken man …

… that is, to make him into the man you want him to be, then you are in the WRONG place. This info is NOT for YOU!

There are tons of websites about how to manipulate a man … many of them written by men themselves. Go figure!

You’ve probably heard the saying that when a man marries a woman he’s hoping she’ll never change, whereas a woman marries a man hoping that he will. It’s actually more than a hope for her. He may actually be her Main Project. But men are not projects. They are people.

Fixing your husband – even if it were possible – would do nothing to fix what’s wrong in your life.

A woman trying to direct a man’s growth – especially if she wants him to take the lead – is totally getting the proverbial cart before the proverbial horse!

Just think about that for a minute …

Wouldn’t it make more sense … to enjoy being so beautiful & precious to him that he actually wants to pull that cart with the greatest of care?

I’m Dr. Debi Smith, a Psychologist who loves to help women with understanding men so they can naturally want to work together to create a joyful marriage. Because the best way to change the world is through the everyday actions of passionate, empowered couples who work well and dance beautifully together.

Two are better than one,
    because they have a good return for their labor:
If either of them falls down,
    one can help the other up. Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

I speak from a female perspective, of course, based on Biblical Principles, Scientific Research (Attachment Theory + the psychology of men), and my Experience as a Couples Therapist … and talking with hundreds & hundreds of men.

I’m on a journey of unlearning & learning for myself and put everything I discover to practical use in my own life, then share it all with my readers. It is so much fun to see others enjoy a thriving Romance!

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