The Art of Living in Love

enchanting possibilities. to explore. to embrace. to celebrate.

Hello. I’m Dr. Debi. Otherwise known as …
Christ Follower. Psychologist. Writer. Teacher. Hopeful Romantic.

The Truth is – whether you are male or female – you are creatively designed for Romance. And The Lord is deeply interested in your Holiness.

But He’s also deeply interested in the fullness of your Joy.
Because He is Joy. And Joy is a Fruit of His Spirit!
So yes! He’s interested in your Happiness!
His Way, of course. It’s the Only Way.
God is Love!

EXPLORE faith + science | EMBRACE the possibilities
CELEBRATE living in love


My Mission: The enemy’s only tactic is a lie. It’s all he’s ever had … since the beginning of Creation. So the easiest way for him to take us out of commission … to render us ineffective in and for the Kingdom … is to pit man and woman against one another. (Genesis 3)

The Lord has blessed me by and entrusted with a Mission: to interfere with the enemy’s attempts to kill, steal, and destroy by helping couples learn how to walk in the Abundant Life Jesus promised (John 10:10).

And that’s why I’m so passionate about helping couples and single adults discover the best ways to apply biblical principles and the findings of scientific research to everyday life.

Twenty-five years ago,
I started a Romantic Journey.

I_could_have_danced_all_night-logoI’d been a stay-at-home-mom for a long time. My marriage had been my first priority. But I wasn’t married anymore, and I needed to figure out what God had in mind for my life from that point forward. Encouraged by a wonderful group of ladies at my church, I enrolled in college. My goal from the beginning was to become a Psychologist.

The Lord started me on a Romantic Journey, custom-designed just for me and my circumstances. I learned so much … and I grew. My hope was to impact at least One Person with what I’d learned.

Back then, I didn’t know how much more I’d be learning … or that My Romantic Journey would be taking me from Blessings to Blessings. The main thing I’ve learned is that what makes love last is actually quite simple when we follow God’s example.

Anyone who gets within three feet of me
knows that I’m hopelessly romantic.

My online presence confirms it, as does my personal video collection, which is comprised of 99% romance. In fact, I get razzed a lot for my tendency to quote lines from romantic movies.

As Good As It Gets. The Cutting Edge. Dan in Real Life. Enchanted. Everafter. Hope Floats. Joe vs. the Volcano. The Kid. The Mask of Zorro. Miss Congeniality. Overboard. Pretty Woman. Pride and Prejudice. The Runaway Bride. The Shop Around the Corner. Sabrina. Sense and Sensibility. Shall We Dance? Sleepless in Seattle. Something’s Gotta Give. What Women Want. When Harry Met Sally.

We all love the “meet cute” at the beginning of the movie.

pnpIt reminds us of the hope and joy we experience at the beginning of a relationship.

Next, the boy wins the girl … or at least gets her attention. Then he screws something up … or at least she thinks he did. And the rest is about getting her back. Which takes less than 2 hours, of course.

We’re set up from the start to believe they will get together and live happily ever after. It’s the way love’s meant to be, right?

So why do our own love stories seem painful?

Well, because love takes more than 2 hours to develop. And because, despite popular belief, it isn’t always the guy who screws things up.

That’s why I love my job. I get to help couples figure out what has gone wrong with their relationship. But most of all, I love helping the boy win back the girl. I told you I’m hopelessly romantic.

But it isn’t just about the movies …

As a Couples Psychologist, I’ve studied the Psychology Men and Traditional Masculinity at the graduate and post-doctoral levels, and I’ve taught a university class on this very popular subject. What I’ve learned is that most women don’t have a clue about men’s experience, and most men don’t know how to explain it.

So I put together a series of classes for women who want better relationships with the men in their lives. And the men I saw in couples counseling wanted me to teach them about women, but they’ve admitted they’d probably never attend a workshop about understanding women, so I expanded my info to include them as well.

My Professional Qualifications

biola_alumni_associationI’m a California Licensed Psychologist (PSY21711) who is passionate about helping Christian couples and single adults find effective ways to apply biblical principles and the findings of scientific research to their everyday lives. I earned my Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) degree, with a Minor in Applied Theology, at Rosemead School of Psychology-Biola University.

I’ve continued to offer more and more info about the Psychology of Men and Romance on YouTube and iTunes, and I’ve written four books (so far) on the topic. For the latest news, subscribe to Living in Love, or follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. And I will look forward to hearing from you soon!

Churches where I’ve served …
2009-present Marriage Ministries @
Mariners Church – Irvine
Mariners Church – Huntington Beach
Yorba Linda Friends Church
Assumption Greek Orthodox Church
Generations Church
Couples Counselor Training for Pastors & Lay Counselors, as well as Mental Health Professionals
2007-2014 Mariners Church – Irvine
Pastor Eric Heard
Marriage Ministry Team
Prepare-Enrich Training for Pastors
Couples Event at Camp Pendleton
Referral source for Couples
2005-2007 Orange County Worship Center
(Now Orange County First Assembly)
Director of Counseling Ministry
Professional Counseling Experience
2007-present OC Christian Counseling Executive Director
Licensed Psychologist
Researcher, Psychology of Men & Relationships
2005-2007 Vision Quest Psychological Services Post-Doctoral Psychological Assistant
2002-2003 University of Kansas
Counseling and Psychological Services
Pre-Doctoral Intern
2001-2002 Prototypes/Intercommunity Alternatives Network
Day Rehabilitation Program
2001 BHC Alhambra Hospital Program Therapist
2001 Fighting for Your Marriage: Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program (PREP) Couples Coach
1999-2001 Hacienda/La Puente Unified School District Interventionist (School Counselor)
1998-2002 Biola Counseling Center Staff Therapist
1998 Mountain View School District Psychology Extern
Teaching Experience
2004-2010 Biola University
Rosemead School of Psychology
Biola Organizational Leadership Development
Adjunct Professor for
Graduate & Undergraduate Courses
2002-2010 Azusa Pacific University
Department of Undergraduate Psychology
Adjunct Professor (half-time Faculty)
2003 MidAmerica Nazarene University
Department of Undergraduate Psychology
Adjunct Professor