A Better Relationship: 10 Tips in 10 Days

It’s a fact. Your partner continually makes “bids” for your attention, closeness, and reassurance through comments, questions, and gestures. How do you respond?

In successful marriages, spouses respond positively to these bids 86% of the time.

That means you could totally miss 14% of the opportunities presented and still be pretty darn happy! How cool is that?

  • Through their words and/or their actions, they invite more connection.
  • That is, they communicate (with or without words):
    • “You matter to me.”
    • “I want to connect with you, too.”

In fact, successful couples make at least 20 (yes, twenty) positive remarks for every 1 (one) negative remark! If you do the math, that means 95% of their words are positive.

It’s “20 to 1” for real. Who saw that coming?

How can you make that happen in your relationship?