Fridays with Dr. Debi

What is marriage?
Friday, April 1, 2023 | 11am, Texas Time

Welcome to the Audience!

Last Friday, I announced a major change that will allow me to reach more men and women who are eager to know the truth about the opposite sex! Starting Friday, March 31, 2023, I’ll begin using my new Recording Studio.

YouTube player

What does this mean for you? 

  • You won’t need to pre-register for Fridays!
  • You will be able to share the link with your friends.
  • You are also welcome to share the link on Social Media.

You can join the Audience anonymously! 

  • As an audience member, you will be able to watch and listen while I am recording, but you won’t be seen or recorded. This is better than Zoom!

Yes, I will still do Q&A after the teaching segment. 

  • You can request a live call-in using Chrome on your laptop or desktop computer. 
  • If your live call request is accepted, you will be recorded.

What else will change?

  • As I begin using the Recording Studio, it will only be available to those who have the Audience Link. 
  • Within the next several weeks, depending on my learning curve, I will start broadcasting live on Facebook and YouTube simultaneously. 
  • However, only those the Audience Link to my Recording Studio will have the option for a Live Call-In.

Creating a new Weekly Podcast

My goal is to turn “Fridays with Dr. Debi” into a weekly podcast. That means you will be able to subscribe, download, and do whatever you do with your favorite podcasts.

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