Private Marriage Intensive

Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.

Ephesians 5:23

Are you ready to fix your marriage?

Imagine what your life would be like if your mate could only …

  1. let go of false beliefs about you,
  2. learn from their past experiences,
  3. understand & manage their emotions,
  4. see things from your point of view,
  5. and find ways to do life differently.

You actually might not be ready to fix your marriage if you read my messages or my blog or watch my YouTube channel, and your first reaction is, “Yes, but ….”

Those two little words are signs that you may not be ready for change … yet.

Because two little words suggest that you only know your own side of The Story … so far.

  • Could you tell your mate’s side of The Story with the same degree of conviction?
  • Are you willing to listen to and consider your mate’s side of The Story?
  • Do you want to see real change take place in just a few days?

Explore the Possibilities Together

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The truth is, I’ve never met a couple in a marriage where only one person needed to change. Although if only one of you is willing to learn, your marriage certainly will still change. Of course, the very best outcomes happen when you both are willing to explore the possibilities of a better life together.

Lasting change requires a future-oriented mindset,
which simply means you are open to new possibilities.

And that includes your approach to one another and to fixing your marriage.

To maximize your chance for success in your marriage, you must both be willing to:

  1. let go of false beliefs,
  2. learn from your past experiences,
  3. understand and manage emotions,
  4. see life from your mate’s point of view, and
  5. discover ways to do married life differently.

Sometimes we need help to get pointed back in the right direction.

If you’re a Christian couple, you will want someone to guide you with biblical understanding. Men and women are different by design, and of infinite worth because both are created in the image of God. No one is perfect, but no one wants to continue living under the curse either. Because we are designed to live in the glory of God’s redemption.

Couples counseling is tough.

Not because it’s impossible for couples to grow together, but because many who offer marital therapy fail to understand the complexity of working with two, highly-invested people in the same room at the same time.

Yes, far too many mental health professionals simply do not have sufficient training in this specialized field. And if you choose to go to your pastor or a lay counselor in your church, the training is minimal at best and often based on the counselor’s personal experience. Well-meaning, to be sure, but not well-equipped.

Couples may drop out of counseling because they don’t see any real changes. Life gets in the way. And although a house on fire requires their full, immediate attention, many simply toss a few buckets of water on it a few times a month. Most couples simply attend to their daily tasks and routines in a dazed survival mode as the fire continues to rage. It will not go out on its own.

So do you believe you are ready?
Do you want to jump start or fast-forward the process?

I am here to help. I have been counseling couples and teaching other counselors how to work with couples for more than 25 years. My professional qualifications include an earned doctorate in Clinical Psychology, expertise in understanding and teaching the Psychology of Men, and extended training Emotionally-Focused Therapy with Couples.

biblically-sound * research-based * practical application

The Private Marriage Intensive will provide you with the equivalent of 3 months of Premium marriage coaching with me in just one weekend. That’s the equivalent of 36 hours of professional guidance … in a hotel that’s close by your own town, so you won’t have to travel far to get there. How cool is that?

Sample Schedule:

Each retreat is planned specifically to meet your needs and help you reach your goals. This schedule is just one possibility of how our time together could unfold.

Before you arrive:

  • 1 Couple Session
  • 2 Individual Sessions
  • Online Assessments

Day 1

  • Setting Goals
  • Defining Patterns
  • Designing a Framework

Day 2

  • Individual Sessions
  • Individual Assignments


  • Communication & Connection
  • Solving Problems
  • Couple Assignment

Day 3

  • Focused Solutions
  • Exploring the Future


  • Daring to Dream Again
  • Your Dreams into Action
  • Staying Connected
  • Finding Everyday Joy

After the Weekend: 2 Maintenance/Followup Sessions

  • What: Personalized 1:2 attention for you and your spouse.
  • When: Any 3 consecutive days beginning on a Friday or a Saturday, as agreed upon. Just a few couple’s weekends are available, so if you’re interested, contact me today.
  • Where: Austin, TX, or a major U.S. City near you
  • Cost: $10,000/couple
  • (Price does not include your lodging, meals, or travel.)

Is the 3-day Private Marriage Intensive right for you?

Contact me and set up a time to talk.