The Help You’ve Been Hoping For

The Bottom Line

I’ve never felt compelled to teach a man how to be a man. However, I can help you understand & love your woman in ways you’ve never considered. What you learn are simple solutions to make her smile & inspire you to become all that God has called you to be … with her by your side.

I offer TeleHealth for California residents, from Siskiyou & Shasta to San Diego & everywhere in between. [Learn about TeleHealth here.]

You may also want to know that I earned my Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) at Rosemead School of Psychology-Biola University & am a California Licensed Psychologist (PSY21711).

Professional Fees

TeleHealth is generally much less expensive than traditional face-to-face psychotherapy. Please contact me to ask about my current fee schedule.


If you meet criteria for a clinical diagnosis and have out-of-network benefits for outpatient mental health services via TeleHealth, I will be happy to file insurance claims for reimbursement. However, full payment is due at time of service.