Being Beautiful

Someone wants you & your family destroyed. He hates you because you are everything he is not:

  • You are created in the image of God.
  • You are a creative life-giver.
  • You are beautiful.

And because he knows his doom is sure.

Before The Beginning, Lucifer was the most beautiful and powerful of all created beings. But he took credit for what had been given him by his Creator. He didn’t want to take orders. He wanted to give them.

In his pride, he thought himself above God.
And, thus, he sealed his own fate.

He was cast down from heaven to earth when it was still without form & void.
As Lucifer watched, God created the earth from nothing.

I wonder what he thought as he saw Adam
being created in the image of God
to rule over earth & sea.

Then Eve. The Beautiful Crown of Creation.
Formed from Adam’s flesh. Also in God’s image.
Revealing a glorious Beauty that Adam didn’t possess.

Equal to Adam, but distinctly different,
Eve was fashioned to reign with her beloved.

But then she engaged in conversation
with a beautiful creature she met in The Garden.

… to be continued.