In the Beginning

At the peak of His creativity, The Lord wanted to make another Someone – a Someone who would bear His likeness. And the Someone He made would have a natural need & desire for Him – & a need for a Someone of his own.

As a young wife, I remember longing to have children of my own. And for some reason that only God knows, I only wanted sons. So that’s what He gave me. Three times.

However, I don’t recall ever asking the Lord to give me teenagers.

But at some point, that’s what I ended up with.

I wonder if that’s how God felt about Adam & Eve, too. He could have created whatever He wanted. And He did.

And like teenagers, Adam & Eve would rebel. But He had already devised a Great Plan to get them out of the trouble He knew they would get themselves into. It’s apparent from the beginning that we’re better at getting ourselves into stuff than we are at getting ourselves out of it.

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