Just One Touch

You are here. I know it. Creator of all. With me. Paying attention to everything that concerns me. No matter how small my thoughts or off-track they seem.

You are always waiting for me. To notice Your Presence.
You are my Eternal Partner. Because You want to be.

  • There’s nothing wrong with me You cannot fix.
  • No situation You cannot turn around.
  • Everything belongs to You.

Your Primary Plan for me is to hang out with You.

  • Pure sweetness.
  • Quiet rest.
  • Smiles.

Yes, I sense Your smile whenever we’re together.
When I look at You & see the reflection of who I am in You.

  • You are altogether lovely.
  • You are altogether worthy,
  • Altogether wonderful to me.

I’m drawn back to You, Lord. For just one touch from You today.

I will give thanks to you forever & ever!
Hallelujah & Amen!
You are so intimately aware of me, Lord!
    You read my heart like an open book.
Every single moment You are thinking of me!
    How precious & wonderful to consider
    that You cherish me constantly in Your every thought! PSALM 139
Sing to Him! Sing praise to Him!
    Tell of all His wonderful acts! 1 CHRONICLES 16:9