Dancing Together

Our culture – with the well-intentioned assistance of more than a few overly zealous feminists – has all but obliterated God’s plan for a man and a woman. Some Christians totally ignore the concept of submission, whereas others read Paul’s words as permission for husbands to dominate and/or abuse their wives. Neither option, of course, is acceptable. And neither will create the loving and romantic relationship you desire.

My approach to healthy relationships is often labeled as an old-fashioned, out-dated notion about Love and Marriage.

Some have suggested it’s rooted in the 1950s.
Or in the Victorian Era.

But it’s much, much older.
In fact, it’s as Ancient as Adam and Eve.

Yes, it’s Submission in Marriage

One Sunday evening, I was dancing with some friends in a beautiful gazebo at one of my favorite outdoor venues, when a park ranger appeared.

Although the ranger’s intent was to inform us that the park had closed 37 minutes earlier, he was simply standing there watching us in awe. A dozen couples ranging in age from 30-something to 60-something, enjoying a pleasant summer evening, engaged in an activity straight out of the 19th Century.

Perhaps it was just our Victorian costumes that fascinated him.
But I believe it was so much more.

As my friends loaded their cars to leave,
I chatted with the park ranger.

“My dance partner and I have offered workshops for couples. We want men to know how it feels to have a woman follow them and make them feel good about their ability to lead. And we want women to know how wonderful it feels to be treated like a lady.”

The ranger turned his head and looked at me in shock.
“There are still women who want to follow a man?”

“Yes! At least Christian women do.
In fact, they love it.
And even long for it!”

Still in apparent disbelief, the ranger reported,
“I read something the other day about most women
making more money than men … and that most women
believe they don’t even need men around anymore.”

“That’s not true for all women. Not the good ones anyway.”
I replied confidently. Because I know it’s True.

Our conversation ended there, but knowing a little about how a man’s mind works,
I’m pretty sure he continued to process the whole thing.

Fascinated by our dance.
Wondering what it would be like
if he himself could find a woman
who would trust and respect him.
And if that’s even a remote possibility …


  • What are your beliefs about submission?
  • How have your beliefs affected your relationship?

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