3 Great Reasons to Follow Your Husband

Why follow your husband? Growing up in a dysfunctional family taught me to pay close attention to my surroundings. I became a people pleaser to avoid the pain of anger, disappointment, and rejection. What was I really doing? I was manipulating everyone. My behavior was based on the most likely outcome, given what I had observed about the other person. Mother & uncles, in particular, but essentially everyone else, too. In fact, everyone was manipulating someone. And as a little girl, I needed my needs to be met. And there wasn’t any other way.

It’s no wonder I fell into the same trap as a young wife.
Because my upbringing conditioned me to be a pleaser,
I became a Doormat. Disrespected & Devalued.

Maybe you’ve had the same experience. Maybe you haven’t. Nevertheless, it is one of the major objections to the premise that women should follow – not lead – their husbands. Because today’s woman doesn’t want to be a pleaser. Doormat. Disrespected. Devalued. She wants her husband to listen to what she says. Consequently, she often doesn’t listen to what he says. As a result, he may stop talking altogether.

They are both every bit as misled by misinformation as I was.

The Truth is: A woman needs to be both confident & strong to be a good follower. But I was neither. Most of that has changed now. As a result, most people I meet are surprised to hear my story. Furthermore, my perceived strength seems to make my willingness to follow the man I love equally surprising. But there’s nothing I love more on this earth. And here’s why …

Follow Your Husband3 Great Reasons to Follow Your Husband

  • First, you will get more of what you want in the relationship. You will use the power of your influence wisely, without manipulation & drama. Because manipulation & drama will always backfire on you. Furthermore, learning to speak his language will make him more open to you without it.
  • Second, he will become a more confident & compassionate leader. Pretty much the man you want him to be. Because men respond better to positive reinforcement than they ever will to a woman’s advice.
  • Third, it’s just a way more beautiful way to live. Nothing is sweeter than waltzing through life together. You still have breaks between dances. But you know another melody will have you floating along again in no time.

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