The Heart of a Woman’s Vulnerability

At the heart of a woman is her emotional sensitivity. The most precious part of her. So that’s where the enemy most often takes advantage of her vulnerability.

Woman was created for Man. Not to be used and abused. But to be adored by Man.

  • To soften him. To comfort him.
  • To give his life purpose and meaning.
  • To reflect the joy and the beauty of who God created them both to be.

Like couples waltzing in a crowded ballroom, her lead can only see 180 degrees at a time. She sees the other 180 degrees. His job is to lead. Hers is to enjoy the dance. But it’s also her job to signal potential danger ahead. In this case, the possibility of crashing into another couple on the dance floor.

Her emotional radar is set on super-sensitive when it comes to her man.

A woman can sense even the slightest increase in the emotional distance between herself and her mate. And it activates what scientists call the Attachment System. Like a child who seeks the closeness of a parent when she’s afraid, a woman will seek closeness to her man.

For his protection as well as hers.

She may …

  • ask him what’s wrong
  • ask him what he’s thinking about
  • start giving him advice based on what she thinks is happening

So if her man doesn’t keep her informed about what’s going on with him, she’ll begin to fill in the blanks. With the enemy’s help. And it won’t be positive.

Poking Holes in Her Faith

If she’s a Christian, she will begin to pray. But it’s often about her own wants and needs. The enemy likes to keep her focus there – to play on her vulnerability. Remember, he sometimes he disguised himself as an angel of light (2 Corinthians 11:14).

When the answer to her prayers isn’t immediate or what she expects, she may

  • point out his faults
  • try to fix him herself
  • attack, blame, and criticize him

None of these things help, of course.

If she’s not a Christian – or she’s not yet matured in her faith – she will be more deeply affected by the “wisdom of this world” (1 Corinthians 3:19). She will begin to demand – in subtle and not-so-subtle ways – that he do as she says.

She loses sight of her ability to deeply influence her man – as well as the unbridled power of her one-flesh prayers – by resorting to her own efforts. The enemy loves it when she does that! It makes his job (to steal, kill, and destroy) so much easier.

And this is how enemy deceives the woman
and uses her deepest fear to destroy her marriage.


  • How many women do you know who pray for their husbands?
  • What do you think would be appropriate content for their prayers?
  • How many women have you watched tear down their own husbands?
  • What do you think is the biggest influence on women’s attitudes towards men?