Every Woman’s Dream

It’s not Rocket Science: Men and women different from one another. Equal value. Yet very different in some essential ways. So what I do is show favoritism toward both genders. A favoritism based on how God created them. Their needs. Their desires. Their beauty.

You may already know that I do training seminars for pastors and counselors. A female attendee once asked, “Do you think what you’re teaching is true for all cultures?”

“Well, I can’t say for sure. But I can say that I’ve never met a woman from any background that didn’t have a deep-down, though perhaps unstated, desire to be led by a godly man who loves her enough to protect her, to guide her, and to hold her,” I replied.

Even from the front of the classroom,
it was easy enough to see her eyes go instantly teary.

A Christian woman’s Number One “fomo”
is directly related to her Dream.

Many a Christian woman fears that her man will not be the Spiritual Leader of their family. So she takes over, and she doesn’t do it well. Although it’s better for the man to take the lead, especially with the children, she reasons that a female Spiritual Leader is better than no Spiritual Leader.

However, once she’s taken on that role – before or after marriage – it’s very difficult for her husband to step up to the plate. So please, guys, be the leader, in every sense of the word. Don’t live life under the curse anymore!

The most important task a man has been assigned is to continually direct and redirect his loved ones toward Christ. Only He can meet everyone’s needs!

Leadership is a man’s responsibility.

Men were designed to take the lead. God created men with all that it takes right there inside of him. It’s a learning process, for sure, and no man comes into this life knowing how to lead. So men need to get all the support they can.

As a husband, he’ll be held responsible before God for his family. God knew it was Eve who took the first bite of the apple, but He came looking for Adam.

You can believe me when I say I know that women can be difficult to love at times. I’m one of them, remember?

As Christian women, most of us have been taught that the man is to be the leader in the family. But in reality, women have been running the show for a long time now. Yes, a woman knows she can make it through life without a man.

But can she really live the life she desires?

Yes, she would survive. But in taking charge, she misses the beauty of what God intends your relationship to be. She not only makes it impossible for you to lead, but she denies what her heart and yours are both longing for.

Sidebar for Singles
Nice girls don’t chase boys.
Wait for him to take the lead.


  • How many women do you know who “wear the pants” in their marriage?
  • What could a woman do to encourage her husband’s leadership?

Wives, submit yourselves to your husbands, as is fitting in the Lord.
Husbands, love your wives and do not be harsh with them.
(Colossians 3:18-19)