Are Women More Complicated Than Men?

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Everyone believes that men are simple and women are complicated. Despite this popular opinion, women are really very easy to figure out. It’s our “Code” that’s hard to understand. However, men usually don’t give us the full story on what they need from their mates. That’s what makes understanding men so difficult … and complicated.This is one of my favorite topics. Who’s more complicated men or women? I hear all the time that it’s the women that are complicated, and men are really simple.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been at a banquet or a luncheon or a business meeting somewhere, and the conversation goes around the table what do you do for a living. When they come to me, I say, “Well, I used to be a professor.” Then someone asks, “What did you teach?”

I go through the list of classes that I taught when I was at Azusa Pacific University and the class I taught at Biola University. I always saved this one for the last:

“I also taught a course on the psychology of men.”

The men often responded, “Well, that must have been a really short course. How could you have enough material to cover an entire semester studying the psychology of men?”

I understand that their responses to that. Because they have been taught that they’re really simple. But when it comes to women being able to understand guys, we don’t get you. We don’t get you at all. And you’re the last person we can go to and say, “What’s going on with you? Help me understand what you need.”

On the other side of that is women, who are incredibly simple and yet talk in a secret code that makes us sound incredibly complicated.

That’s part of what my goal is: to help people figure out the difference between

  • what a woman needs, which sounds very complicated but is, in fact, very simple, and
  • what a man needs that sounds very simple, but is, in fact, very complicated.

I think I’m going to have to talk a lot more about this one. This is just an introduction to the idea that women are simple, and men are the ones who are complicated. We’ll need to get into that soon.

More on the subject from Grantley Morris:

There seems a common belief that women are more complicated than men. This belief has perhaps contributed to more marriage problems than any other belief. Men generally conclude from it that women are so hard to understand that there’s no point in even trying to understand them. (Women who try to maintain an aura of mystery may be doing so to their own hurt.) And women tend to assume that men are so easy to understand that there is no need to even try to understand them better. So when it comes to better understanding the opposite sex, it’s often the case that men feel defeated before they start and women barely see a need to start.

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