Are you dreaming?

I watch White Christmas multiple times every December. My favorite scene is Phil and Judy (Danny Kaye and Vera Ellen) in The Best Things Happen While You Dance.

Theirs is the secondary romance of the movie, which is really about Bob and Betty (Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney). It’s a classic story of boy meets girl, boy gets girl, boy loses girl, and has to win her back.

Actually, Bob didn’t have to lose his girl at all!
But somebody messed up.

Unfortunately, Betty thinks it was Bob. But it was really her own failure to clarify what was happening with him. Instead she jumped to her conclusions and messed it up.

To answer before listening—
    that is folly and shame.

(Proverbs 18:13)

Lots of folks believe relationships go sideways because the guy messed up. In fact, many men believe that about themselves. But it’s just not true!

Often it’s the girl who’s got it wrong.

Women make a lot of assumptions  filling in “the blanks” with thoughts that paint a negative picture. How wrong is that?

Of course, Bob and Betty get back together in the end  dancing cheek-to-cheek and pants-to-pants.

Couples in the movies always do. And so do couples who are having trouble with their relationship. When they listen to one another and learn the Truth.

If you’d like help making your dream come true, let me know!
Because Real Life Romance is the Best Kind of Romance!

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