Vulnerable or Powerful?

Christian Marriage can be the most vulnerable or the most powerful force in the clash between two kingdoms. First, you need to know what the fight is really about. In other words, an accurate assessment of the situation is essential for determining the best course toward the preferred outcome.

Couples often tell me about experiences in previous tries at marriage counseling. Even one bad experience would be too many. But this happens a lot. Many counselors seem to decide from the beginning which spouse is “right” & takes that position against the other.

  • Was it intentional?
  • Is that what really happened?
  • Or was it just one person’s perception of feeling ganged-up on?

Truth is, it could be any one of those possibilities.

  • We all have a tendency to see life from our own perspective.
  • After all, it’s usually the only point of view we have!
  • But it’s not the only point of view that is.

Unfortunately, marriage counseling often fails because it fails to address the spiritual reality that governs our interactions.

more on that next time!