His Kingdom vs. Her Kingdom

You are deeply interested in getting your own needs met. It’s a matter of survival. You may try to virtuously deny your needs in favor hers. But either way, you covertly expect a particular response from your mate. When you don’t get what you expect, you look at her as the enemy of all that you deem good & wonderful … which is, of course, to have life on your own terms.

Unfortunately, you have lots of company in that.
We all do it when we’re under the deceiver’s influence.

And so many things in our culture contribute to the belief that woman is man’s enemy. One of those culturally sanctioned concepts is obvious (or oblivious) in the term “Her Kingdom.” [Were it not for the death of Femininity, I would have said “Her Queendom.” But I’ll save that discussion for another day.]

more about the Real Fight next time!