A Day of Grace & Peace

Thank You for this day filled with Your Presence, Lord. A day of Grace and Peace. A day to be with You. To dream with You. To be blessed by You.

You are so much larger than anything I have feared. And You own it all. There’s not a single person, place, or thing that does not belong to You. Including the enemy of our souls – and his entire army. He does Your work whether he wants to or not. He provides the resistance that strengthens us.

This is indeed a Glorious Day! Because You and I are spending it together.

  • Everything fades in comparison to You.
  • And everything is about to become more bright and beautiful because of You.

~ April 22, 2017
Saturday, 10:15 AM

A New Perspective & a Brand-New Journal

Most of my readers know that I do a lot of writing by hand.

That means I have an ever-expanding library of journals. Each one begins on a different note. Because I’m in a different place by the time I finish one and begin the next.

And that’s a good thing. Because it means my life – like my journal library – is ever-expanding.

You can order this journal
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