How to Stop Fighting

Most couples have a “negative cycle” whether or not your arguments seem “out of control.” Learn how & when your negative cycle got started, plus how you can begin to change it in this brief video.

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  • Resolve conflict.
  • Break the negative cycle.
  • Create connection.

These are the same steps I’ve used in counseling couples and training other counselors for more than 20 years.


Dr. Debi is passionate about helping Christian couples & single adults learn more effective ways to apply Biblical principles & the findings of psychological research to everyday life. She is an author & former *professor, as well as a California Licensed Psychologist (21711) & a Texas Licensed Psychologist with Provisional Status (38600). At this time, she is not accepting new patients so she can devote more time to writing & creating educational programs for couples. * Dr. Debi has taught psychology courses at MidAmerica Nazarene University, Azusa Pacific University, & Biola University.

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