How well do you know yourself?

Being created in the image of God means we are designed to reflect aspects of His character.

love. hope. passion.
wisdom. faithfulness. joy.
power. peace. goodness.

Which of these is your main reason for doing what you do?

Being able to describe your personality when you’re at your best can also provide insight into how things can go sideways for you.

And when you’re sideways, other people appear to be sideways, too.

“There’s nothing like a new relationship to bring up old issues.” ~ Jodi C.

Soon after meeting The Cute Boy (Summer 2011), my greatest fears & deepest longings, as well as my past pain, unexpectedly crashed onto the scene with a vengeance.

I was excited beyond measure. But I had trouble seeing The Cute Boy as the man he truly is.

Because I unwittingly began to interpret everything he did through the lens of my past experience.

Always on the lookout for anything that looked remotely like the attitudes & actions of the other men who had hurt me. (We all do this!)

However, just because he is male does not guarantee that he is just like all other men. In fact, he is unlike any other man on this earth. He is the most unique & beautiful man I have ever known.

And although he’s more like me than anyone I have ever met, he is nevertheless a man. Consequently, I can never assume that our similar personalities will play out exactly the same.

Because I’m a girl, and he is not.

After all these years, I am still on a quest to know more about who he is & who he is becoming. But first I know I must more fully understand myself.

  • I need to know my own vulnerabilities & defensiveness.
  • Otherwise, I will use them as filters through which I will interpret him.
  • That would make for a very muddy picture of him … as well as myself!

If you want to create a fulfilling relationship, you will need to do the same.

The following personality descriptions will help you get started.

So let’s dig in! Who do you think you are? You need to do that before you can truly understand him. And you’ll need to remember that your gender differences are in your DNA. So pay attention to them, too. (Likewise, if you’re a man reading this, you must start with understanding yourself before you can hope to understand her!)

A Brief Personality Test

Being created in the image of God means we are wonderfully complex. Therefore, a description of your personality includes (at least):

  1. Your DNA: Male or Female
  2. How You Know: Feeling, Thinking, Intuition
  3. Where You Focus Your Attention: Inside or Outside
  4. Your Response Pattern: What You Do When Life Goes Sideways
  5. Your Perspective of God’s Perspective: What You Believe God Believes About You

Would you like to know more? Are you interested in a full assessment of your strengths & ways you can grow … as well as how you can connect better with your mate? I’m here to help. Learn more about Biblical Relationship Coaching.