The Nature of a Man

What’s so amazing about the Nature of a Man? Researchers have found evidence that male infants are more emotional than female infants from birth until at least 6 to 12 months of age. Compared to girls, infant boys

  • coo and smile more often,
  • cry more frequently and intensely,
  • and experience more rapid fluctuations in emotional states.

However, by 2 years of age …

  • there is already a noticeable reversal in verbal expression.

And by 6 years of age …

  • there is a noticeable difference in facial expression as well.

Furthermore, boys seem to have a natural tendency to express their feelings more through action than by talking about them.

Whatever the reason, boys demonstrate an ability to avoid overt responses to emotion between four and six years of age – interestingly, about the time they usually enter kindergarten. (We’ll explore some possible explanations for that, too.)

Male Nature –  fast forward to adulthood

  • Once they grow up, do men even have feelings anymore?
  • Or have they simply been disconnected from their own emotions?

Marital research conducted over the past several decades suggests that men really do have feelings – very strong ones – and that they are highly aware of each and every one of them.


  • What do you believe about men and their emotions?
  • How do you think your belief effects your relationship?

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