She’s More Brilliant Than You Realize

A Woman of Noble Character is Brilliant. She is confident in her ability to think things through. She knows when to take a timeout, when to give herself space to reflect and analyze. She knows how to process her own emotions and manage her mood. She pays attention to what she feels, asking herself 3 questions.

  • What does this feeling mean?
  • Where is it coming from?
  • What action, if any, do I need to take?

She is fully aware of her intellectual contributions.

She knows how and when to make her thoughts and ideas known. She has no need to show off, and she never runs over anyone else with her ideas, including her husband. She constantly refines her communication skills, especially with her husband. Because she knows men speak a different language, and she’s willing to learn it.

She knows she doesn’t know everything.

She listens to learn. She reads. She studies. She experiments with what she learns if it seems like it would be worth a try or two. She holds onto what works and lets go of the rest. She monitors her own weaknesses without self-condemnation.

She’s self-aware, not self-absorbed.

She knows not everything is about her. Therefore, she doesn’t keep track of the times she’s been wronged. She has no need to get even with anyone. Instead, she asks herself what might be going on for someone who just behaved in such a hurtful and nonproductive way.

She respects men and honors her husband.

She knows how to get what she wants without manipulation or drama. Without putting down men or dismissing them. And without trying to be a man. She appreciates men for who they are and who they are becoming, knowing they are also on a growth track. Even so, she never lets any man demean her. She knows she doesn’t have to enter into a verbal altercation to defend herself. She knows when to walk away.

Like I said, she is brilliant.