Day 8: Sweet Companion

We left off yesterday the with Truth that Adam needs his own Someone. So God does surgery … while Adam’s sleeping, of course. The Lord removes a rib to create his Someone – Someone just for him. Can you imagine Adam’s excitement when he wakes up? A totally cool setup – just for him.

He already has the whole world at his fingertips. Lots of food. Freedom to putter around in a lavish Garden. Then God gives him a wife, too? She’s the perfect addition to make his life the Paradise God wanted him to enjoy.

That’d be better than having control of the remote, don’t you think?
Besides, they were the only two people on Earth at that point
… and the football hadn’t been invented yet.

Just think about it.

Adam has everything going for him. The Garden is pure pleasure for all his senses. Sight, sound, fragrance, taste, touch. Nevertheless, the Lord thinks of one thing more He wants for Adam. God sees Adam’s need, and gives him the Perfect Partner.

His Bride is there to rescue him from being alone. Now he has a Sweet Companion – Someone like him – only different – very different. Someone with whom he can enjoy the pleasures of God’s Creation. Plus they are both totally naked. She’s beautiful beyond words … and totally irresistible.

His own Sweet Companion. Adam can hardly believe his luck!

  • No competition anywhere.
  • Complete Freedom, and no 2-hour commute to work 5 days a week.
  • Plus Endless Rapture with his Sweet Companion.

[callout]Sex with her whenever he’s in the mood
– which I’m guessing is pretty much all the time.[/callout]

And Eve’s only desire is to be beside her Dearest Husband, to give herself completely to him, and to bask in his love. She experiences his desire for her as pure Joy and Bliss.

  • No meals to cook.
  • No dishes to wash.
  • No house to clean.
  • No kids to pick up after.
  • And no dirty laundry to do.

Only a totally Hot Husband who adores her. Lucky girl!

Bonus! God Himself comes down from Heaven in the cool of the evening and walks with them in the Garden. And none of them even care if He walks in on their Lovemaking. After all, it was His idea in the first place, right?

For this reason …

 That is why a man leaves his father and mother
and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh.
Adam and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame.
(Genesis 2:24-25)


  • What about this story sounds like you and your mate … in the beginning?
  • If your relationship has gone south since then, when did the trouble begin?
  • What have you done to try to regain the love you once had?