How to Take Care of a Man’s Heart

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I love to see a woman who knows how to love her man. She knows he’s sensitive to her. And she uses that knowledge to build him up.

Consequently, she responds lovingly to the man that God created him to be. Affirming both who he is – as well as who he is is becoming.

How does she do it? A Queen gives her King something he cannot get anywhere else. She nurtures his heart. Something every man needs. Daily.

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Lessons from the Dance Floor


Whether you’re young or old, you need to learn about mutual submission in Christian marriage: It’s the Beauty of the Dance of Romance!

It’s the guy’s role to make the dance an enjoyable experience for his girl. So he needs to pay close attention to what she likes and what she isn’t comfortable with.

But he can’t take responsibility for pleasing you if you’re always one step ahead of him. You have to let him lead.

That is, your goal is to get into sync with his rhythm. And you do that for one reason:

It will build his confidence as your leader.

No, he won’t get it right all the time. And neither will you. You’re both learning.

If he’s your husband – or you want him to be – it’s even more important that you learn how to encourage his leadership, especially when he’s off a bit. You could give him feedback, but he can tell by the expression on your face when he’s off. He’s way more sensitive to that than you realize.

The best part, however, is that when he’s “off” you get the opportunity to pray for him and to trust the Lord, Who is responsible for leading your lead.

How cool is that?